Warm Weather Golf, anyone?

Looking for an Excuse to Escape Winter – We Have One . . .
EWGA’s Par 3 Challenge!

Grab a friend (a guy or gal – member or non-member) and travel south this spring to compete in this fun 2-person best ball event.  There are two opportunities coming up right around the corner in February:  Savannah GA, on the 17th or Fort Worth, TX, on the 20th.  Can’t escape that fast?  How about San Diego March 11th or Scottsdale, AZ March 29th?  Don’t feel like traveling as far – there are 5 other locations in April and May and you can pick any one you’d like!  For more information and the full schedule visit the Par 3 Challenge website Treat yourself to some EWGA fun in the sun!

Be a part of the largest Women's Golf Association and Get Ahead!     

Welcome to the Kansas City Chapter of EWGA

The Kansas City Metro Chapter of the Executive Women's Golf Association (EWGA) is a Microcosm of Kansas City Professional Women. While we are Attracted to EWGA because we Enjoy the Game of Golf, the Business Networking and Women's Support Opportunities also offer Great Benefits. 

Through Clinics, Leagues, Golf Events, Social Events, and Local Community Activities, Members have the Opportunity to make Business Contacts, Further Women's Concern Efforts, and to Introduce Women to Golf and Business.

Whether you are a Beginner, Looking for a Welcoming Environment to Learn the Game, or an Accomplished Golfer Seeking the Challenge of our National Championship Series, EWGA offers Events and Activities to Meet Your Needs.


  1. Spring Tee Off Brunch and 9 hole Scramble

    Mar 28, 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM (CT)
    Overland Park, KS, United States
  2. Get Golf Ready! - Fred Arbanas Golf Course

    Apr 1 - 15
    Kansas City, MO, United States
  3. Get Golf Ready! Program - St. Andrews Golf Club

    Apr 13 - 27
    Overland Park, KS, United States
  4. Unflappable Golf: Competitive Golf Strategies & Techniques (Wednesday's)

    Apr 15 - May 27
    Olathe, KS, United States
  5. Queens of Swing Golf Clinics (Saturdays)

    Apr 18 - May 23
    Overland Park, KS, United States
  6. Session 1 League play at Fred Arbanas Golf Course

    Apr 20 - Jun 15
  7. Session I League Play begins

    Apr 27 - Jun 15
    United States
  8. EWGA- KC Metro Chapter Championship & Fun Scramble

    Jun 27
    United States
  9. 2015 EWGA Championship Central Plains Semi-Finals

    Aug 1
    Kansas City, MO, United States
  10. EWGA "Glitter Goblet" Multi-chapter event

    Aug 21 - 23
    Lake Ozark, MO, United States


President:  Donna Tilden

Secretary: Sandy Wirtel

Member Services Director:  Suzy Koelling

Member Recruitment Director:  Diane Freeman

Events & Activities Director:  Shannon Cartwright

Golf Programs & Services Director: Latecia Mills

Finance & Records Director:  Juliana Garcia

Marketing Director:  Jennifer Hankin

Communications Director:  Robinn Scholfield


To Learn More About the KC Metro EWGA Chapter, Contact the Membership Chair at membershipinfo@ewgakc.org.
You can also visit www.ewga.com to Learn More about EWGA!
Join Today!

-Learn About More Benefits


        Call Robinn Scholfield at (316) 305-9990

Let Donna Tilden walk you through the divorce maze to your financial future

If you want to make a shipload of putts, call Jess at (816) 405-4531





For more information please email Ellen White

Improve your game through Fitness
and Weight Loss -
Locations in N. KC
 & Overland Park
Call Seville Ko at 816-699-3932  


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Volunteer Opportunities

Please make 2015 the year YOU get involved by volunteering for just ONE thing!  You'll find that you get even more from your membership and we'll be even better as an organization when you share your time and talents.  We are stronger together!

Tournament Organizers- Spring Tee-Off: 
Spring Tee Off is less than 30 days away and we expect it to be a big, fun event!

We need a couple of volunteers to chair the golf portion of the day and the non-golf portion of the day.  The chairs would help with preparation of the Tee Off, organize the volunteers and provide help where needed.

Here are a few other ways you can help with this event:
Greeters (2):  Get the party started!
Registration Table (3):  Registration of the event.
League sign up and payment (5):  Explain how leagues work, help with sign up and payment.
Super tickets and raffle  sales (2)
Rovers (3 - 5):  Various roles and help as needed.
Decoration Committee (2-4):  Determine event theme and decorate & table centerpieces for give away.
Volunteer Photographer: Are you handy with a camera?  We need people to photograph Spring Tee Off, Chapter Championship and Rally for The Cure. 
This might be perfect for someone who is not ready or able to play in a tournament, but would like to be part of the fun!  Duties would entail taking photos during the event and uploading them to meetup.com.

Please contact Suzy @ currentmembers@ewgakc.org

Promotion Chair: Contact local businesses for donations of golf events gift fillers and silent auction items for annual events.
Golf course Liaison: Contact area golf courses and establish a relationship.  Get EWGA info posted or placed in the clubhouse.  Request donations of golf packages, lessons, or merchandise.
Sponsorship Chair: Work with Marketing team to target potential local sponsors who will purchase advertising with EWGA.  Contact them, present our sponsorship opportunities, and create promotional tie-ins that benefit the sponsor and our members.  
Please contact Jennifer @ sponsorship@ewgakc.org

Golf Education Chair: Responsible for planning and execution of local chapter golf education programs.  The chair will coordinate with host courses, golf pros, EWGA, and oversee a team of volunteers (3-4) to execute education programs as approved in the 2015 Chapter Playbook and identified throughout the season.  The Golf Education Chair will be assisted by the Golf Programs & Services Director.  This position begins immediately and will have heaviest time commitment in the months leading up to start of the season and estimated to require 3 to 4 hours per month through the duration of the season.
Rules & Etiquette Education Chair:  Responsible for execution of planned chapter education initiatives for rules & etiquette.  The Rules & Etiquette Chair will be assisted by the Golf Programs & Services Director and may enlist volunteers to prepare rules & etiquette program materials to support the 2015 plan.  This position begins immediately and will have the heaviest time commitment in the months leading up to Spring Tee-Off at the end of March.  After Spring Tee-Off, monthly commitment is estimated to be minimal (1 hr per month).

Contact Latecia @ golfeducation@ewgakc.org


Event Finance Coordinators:  Events:  Spring Tee-Off (March 28); Chapter Championship (June 27); Rally For the Cure (September 26); Year End Gala (November 7)
The Event Finance Coordinator will be the lead coordinator for managing the financial details for events, including cash and credit card payments.  The person will be responsible for communicating the event budget and other financial details to the Event Coordinator/Director so that the event stays on track to have a positive result.  The Coordinator may involve as many other volunteers as needed and will be responsible for leading that committee.  Credit card payments are done through Square Card and a smartphone.  Square card readers and instructions will be provided prior to the event.  The person will interface with the Director of Finance/Records and the Event Coordinator/Director to plan and organize for the event activities.

Monthly Financial Reporting Chair:  The position involves running and consolidating the monthly financial reports that will be presented to the Board of Directors at the monthly meeting.  The position interfaces directly with the Director of Finance/Records.  Total time commitment each month is roughly 4 hours.
Please Contact Juliana @ financedirector@ewgakc.org