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Welcome to the Kansas City Chapter of EWGA

The Kansas City Metro Chapter of the Executive Women's Golf Association (EWGA) is a Microcosm of Kansas City Professional Women. While we are Attracted to EWGA because we Enjoy the Game of Golf, the Business Networking and Women's Support Opportunities also offer Great Benefits. 

Through Clinics, Leagues, Golf Events, Social Events, and Local Community Activities, Members have the Opportunity to make Business Contacts, Further Women's Concern Efforts, and to Introduce Women to Golf and Business.

Whether you are a Beginner, Looking for a Welcoming Environment to Learn the Game, or an Accomplished Golfer Seeking the Challenge of our National Championship Series, EWGA offers Events and Activities to Meet Your Needs.

Meet our board

President:  Donna Tilden

Membership Services Director:  Janene Munkirs

Membership Recruitment Director:  Diane Freeman

Events & Activities Director:  OPEN

Golf Programs & Services Director: Lekisha McDonald

Finance & Records Director:  Juliana Garcia

Marketing Director:  Jennifer Hankin

Communications Director:  Cecile Petro


To Learn More About the KC Metro EWGA Chapter, Contact the Membership Chair at
You can also visit to Learn More about EWGA!
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