Member Profiles 2017

Featured Member - Michelle Keller

Michelle Keller

How would you describe your golfing proficiency?

I started playing golf in earnest in April 2017. I’d taken lessons in the past but never got beyond the driving range and the putting green. Not sure how that happened but I decided to give it another shot. I joined EWGA with the goal of playing in one tournament by the end of summer.  I played in 3 (and even have a trophy to show for my efforts, thanks to my awesome scramble team).

What do you like most about golf?

I like being outdoors, taking in the scenery around me. It feels like being on vacation, especially when you’re playing in a tournament on a day when you might otherwise be in the office.  It can be very relaxing.

I also like the encouragement I get from other, more experienced golfers. Everyone I’ve played with has been very helpful, providing tips and suggestions, helping me learn golf etiquette and most important-helping me find my wayward golf balls!

What's your favorite course in the KC area or best EWGA memory?

That’s a hard question to answer because I’m so new to golf and EWGA but I have to say, I loved playing in the EWGA Volunteer Appreciation tournament at Tomahawk Hills in October. Teeing off a cliff and making it onto the green at hole #9 was a moment I won’t soon forget! I felt so accomplished at that point, after working on my game all summer.

Coolest place you've ever played golf?

That’s still TBD. I would love to play a course in the U.K. (probably Ireland or Scotland) with my big brother, Larry. He lives in San Antonio and plays golf every Saturday, weather permitting. For Christmas, he gave me a gift card with instructions to buy a travel golf bag. For that reason, I’d say a golf trip is definitely in our future, though I’ll probably skip his annual week-long golf trip to Arizona because a) he goes in August when it’s 100+ degrees and b) there are signs on the course instructing golfers to leave rattlesnakes alone.

What or who inspired you to learn to golf?

As part of a corporate sponsorship, I was sitting at a hole at Swope Memorial, watching all the golfers go through. Many of them only played once or twice a year and were not very good but they were all happy and in great moods. I thought to myself, “Wow! I could probably muster enough skill to play at least as well as these guys. Why not pick up some clubs and see what happens?”

Not long after that, I bought a set of used golf clubs for $100 and some cute golf clothes (my thinking was I should look the part, even if I can’t play worth a darn!), joined EWGA, took some lessons and the rest is history.

What do you do when you're not golfing?

I work in healthcare and recently went back to school at KU in Lawrence, where I’m working on a Ph.D. in Journalism with an emphasis in healthcare communication and technology. I think a lot about patient portals and electronic medical records and all the information within and what we’re doing with it to help people live healthier lives. It’s geeky but I love it!

I am also an avid photographer and had a blast photographing our chapter championship last summer.

Other hobbies, interests or fun facts about you?

I’m a single mother--to a retired racing greyhound named Copper Belle. She is spoiled rotten! When I’m not working, studying or spoiling Copper, I’m usually planning my next trip. I work to travel and travel to live. It is truly my lifeblood. I think I may be part vagabond.