Member Profiles 2017

Featured Member - Karen Spencer

Karen Spencer

How would you describe your golfing proficiency?

A scratch golfer of course…actually I’m not very proficient but I try to have FUN.

What do you like most about golf?

Being able to relax and not think about other stuff for 9 holes.  I’m not into 18 holes at all…9 is just right.  I look forward to playing every Tuesday evening with the ladies in our league and going to Blue Moose afterwards is always fun.

What’s your favorite course in the KC area or best EWGA memory?

I really like St. Andrews which is where I have played mostly with EWGA.

Coolest place you’ve ever played golf?  

I played in a tournament @ Orange Tree Golf Resort in Scottsdale, AZ many years ago and I was definitely out of my comfort zone but still had fun.  Another cool place was in Arkansas where they let us bring our dog on the course.  He just rode in the cart with us.

What or who inspired you to learn to golf?  

I started playing many years ago when I was younger and then gave it up for quite some time.  Then one day after going through some challenging times, I decided why not GOLF?  Actually, I think it was one of Harvey Penick’s books, Little Red Book that got me thinking about golf again.  I have all 4 of his books and just realized I should revisit them.  I lived in Austin, TX for 18 years where he’s from.

What do you do when you're not golfing?

I’m a Solutions Consultant for SumnerOne, a company that offers ONE place where everything works.  Our core services are office equipment, technology services, and cloud services. 

Other hobbies, interests or fun facts about you?

Our 17 month old Labmaraner puppy, 85 pounds plus keeps us going…just went on our 2nd canoe trip with him and we all stayed dry for over 9 miles which was quite an accomplishment.  We typically tent camp but this year we rented a Teardrop Trailer which was loads of fun.  Who knows, perhaps a Teardrop Trailer owner is in our future.